We Specialize in: Collecting, Interpreting and Disseminating in-depth baseball statistics.

Breaking Down the Top Talent

Sports Info Solutions has been an industry leader in providing in-depth and highly accurate baseball stats for years. We're proud and excited to "tackle" another great pastime: professional football. Our extensive video scouting experience and team of analysts is pioneering the new wave of football talent evaluation at the highest level.

Product Offerings Include:

  • Hitting, pitching and fielding statistics, breakdowns and splits
  • Pitch type, velocity and location data
  • Cutting edge defensive analysis of every player in the major leagues
  • Tools to optimize defensive positioning
  • Analysis of player and team baserunning tendencies
  • Batted ball timer data
  • The data behind baseball's newest trend: The "Ted Williams Shift"
  • Bill James' Good Fielding Plays and Defensive Misplays classifications
  • Custom reports and web interfaces
  • Weekly projections
  • Per-play personnel
  • Offense/defensive formations
  • Penalty and challenge analysis
  • Play direction and depth
  • Route charting
  • Motion tracking
  • Blocking schemes