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Luis Avilan Brings Unique Pitching Approach

By NICK RABASCO            Those who follow baseball closely knows that same-side changeups are extremely rare. They make much more sense thrown to opposite-side hitters, as a means to neutralize the platoon advantage. From 2016 to 2018, there were 160,371 pitches thrown by left-handed pitchers to left-handed hitters. Only 4 percent (6,421) of those pitches […]

Which Catchers Get Strikes at the Top of the Zone?

By Andrew Kyne The Houston Astros have long valued pitch framing. Over the last five seasons, only one team — the Dodgers — have saved more runs via framing than the Astros. (You can now find this and the rest of our Strike Zone Runs Saved data on FanGraphs, under the rSZ column within the Fielding leaderboards.) […]

Athletics Got An ‘A’ For Their Shift Defense In 2018

By MARK SIMON The Athletics were one of the surprise teams in baseball last season, winning the second AL Wild Card and challenging the Astros for the AL West title. Chances are that you know the Athletics had the best defensive player in baseball last season in third baseman Matt Chapman. But they were also […]

Two Trades Overshadow An Eventful Start to Free Agency

by Nate Weller The league season is still a few hours from officially starting, and yet the last week has been among the most chaotic in recent memory. While record-breaking contracts have been given out left and right, the two biggest moves actually came via trade, as Antonio Brown was sent to the Raiders and […]

Finding Candidates for a Four-Man Outfield

By ANDREW KYNE Four-man outfields have been in the news this week, with Bryce Harper facing them in Grapefruit League play and acknowledging afterwards that he hoped he wouldn’t see them again. We began tracking four-man outfields on balls in play at Baseball Info Solutions last season, with Lucas Duda (12), Matt Olson (6), Joey Gallo (6), and Justin Smoak (5) being the most impacted sluggers. This could […]

Will Jason Witten’s Return Provide a Spark for the Cowboys?

Earlier today, Jason Witten decided to postpone his career in the broadcast booth and return to the football field. He is coming out of retirement for his 16th season with the Cowboys. But will his return be a success and help the Cowboys return to the playoffs and compete for a title?

Citizens Bank Park is Ideal for Bryce Harper’s Power

Earlier this offseason, a number of writers were talking about how Bryce Harper’s vicious, left-handed swing was “made for Yankee Stadium,” making pinstripes a perfect fit for the young star who grew up a Yankees fan.

Who Has Been a Better Defender at Third Base: Arenado or Machado?

With Manny Machado signing a 10-year contract with the Padres and Nolan Arenado inking an eight-year extension with the Rockies, the question comes to mind: Which one of them has been the better defensive third baseman?

Super Bowl Preview: Patriots vs. Rams

It should be unsurprising that both the Rams and Patriots rank highly on offense. Both teams rank in the top ten in both EPA/Called Pass (includes scrambles and excludes spikes) and EPA/Called Run (excludes scrambles and kneel downs). The weakest unit based on average EPA is the Rams’ run defense, which could be in for a long day facing the fifth-ranked Patriots’ rushing offense.

The QB Sneak is the Most Underutilized Play in Football

It doesn’t get any simpler than the QB sneak. The offensive line drives straight ahead, the quarterback hides himself behind the center and attempts to fall forward a few feet. It’s far from elegant, but it’s effective. And yet, NFL teams seem unwilling to utilize it.

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