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Preview: AFC Divisional Round- Chargers vs. Patriots

Let’s take a brief look at some statistical notes ahead of the AFC Divisional Round playoff game between the Chargers and Patriots.

Preview: Alabama Vs. Clemson, College Football National Championship

Let’s take a brief look at some statistical notes ahead of tonight’s College Football National Championship between No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson.

On Nick Foles’ Now- Annual Resurgence

Another year, another late-season Carson Wentz injury forcing Nick Foles back into the spotlight. The Eagles squeaked into the last spot in the NFC playoffs thanks to Foles regaining his form from the end of last season. It’s a fascinating turn of events after he looked like he had turned into a pumpkin earlier in the season.

2018 NFL Total Points Leaders

Earlier this year, we introduced the Total Points metric at This stat was created to assess player value based on what a player is truly responsible for, using charting data and the Expected Points framework.

What to do on 2nd-and-10? Let’s Look at the Numbers

For now, EPA is a decent measure that can contextualize yardage, indicate what is and isn’t valuable, and advise us of what the most prudent course of action is most of the time. But, we can’t stop there.

Couple of Questionable Calls Played a role in Shaping AFC Playoff Picture

It’s the time of year where teams and fans alike look back at what could have been. No team will be wondering more than the Steelers, who after a 7-2-1 start to the season, were officially eliminated from the playoffs when the Colts and Texans game ended decisively in regulation.

Larry Walker Meets the Hall of Fame Standard

Larry Walker is a high-end Hall of Fame candidate. But not everyone seems to have figured that out yet.

Fred McGriff Has Statistical Support For Cooperstown

Fred McGriff was a really good baseball player. But he’s yet to be recognized as belonging among the elite. McGriff is in his final year of eligibility on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. He received 22 percent support in his first year. He received 23 percent last year. He’s not close to the 75 percent needed for election. But perhaps he should be.

For Edgar Martínez, Voters Are Catching Up to HOF Worthiness

This should be the year that Mariners third baseman Edgar Martinez makes the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Value Standard Shows Mike Mussina’s Worthniess

The Baseball Hall of Fame voters are slowly but surely supporting Mike Mussina’s Hall of Fame candidacy. Mussina isn’t quite there yet, though statistically there’s not much doubt that he belongs.

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