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So which NFL team is going to overpay Nick Foles in free agency?

The Eagles are doing right by Nick Foles. GM Howie Roseman announced Wednesday that Philadelphia would not be placing the franchise tag on the Super Bowl LII MVP, allowing Foles to become a free agent this offseason. Roseman said that tagging and trading Foles was certainly discussed by the front office but the team ultimately decided that […]

Luke Voit hoping to win Yankees’ first-base job … with his glove

TAMPA, Fla. — Aaron Boone paused for a moment, taking time to fully consider the question. An hour before the very first pitch of spring training, the New York Yankeesmanager was asked who he believes is his team’s better defensive first baseman: Luke Voit or Greg Bird? Click here to read the rest of the article on

Do Dwight Evans And Darrell Evans Deserve Spots In Baseball Hall Of Fame?

Dwight Evans and Darrell Evans are not related. But they do have a relationship. According to Bill James, father of baseball sabermetrics, both should be considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame. James says Dwight was the best player in a Red Sox outfield that also included Fred Lynn and Jim Rice (who eventually reached […]

Should the Giants be concerned with Landon Collins in coverage?

The NFL is about to take over Indianapolis to focus on incoming rookies at the annual NFL Scouting Combine, but the New York Giants still have a number of unanswered questions about the current roster. The most pressing of which is whether to tag Landon Collins or let him hit the open market. That decision must be made by […]

The two most realistic matches for Le’Veon Bell reside in the AFC South

On​ Wednesday,​ Steelers​ GM​ Kevin​ Colbert​ officially announced​ that Pittsburgh​ would not​ place​ any tag​ on​ star​ running​ back​​ Le’Veon Bell, ending the longstanding drama and officially making him a free agent. As analysts continue to play the where-will-he-land guessing game, it’s important to consider all of the crucial factors. Even if the scheme seems […]

2019 NFL Free Agency: C.J. Mosley, Anthony Barr, and Jordan Hicks lead intriguing group of linebackers

As the NFL becomes increasingly pass heavy, offenses increasingly operate out of three-receiver sets, which makes it increasingly difficult for defenses to regularly trot out three or four linebackers who will get burned by speedier receivers. As a result, the days of the 3-4 or 4-3 serving as the dominant defensive alignment are gone as extra defensive […]

Can Rangers INF Rougned Odor win a Gold Glove in 2019? Here’s why his goal is in reach

In his first four seasons, the idea of Odor the Defender — he was one of the Viking Gods, I believe — didn’t even enter into the dream-the-impossible-dream conversations. It was all about the offensive abilities. And when it wasn’t about that, it was about the impressive pop in his right cross. He was an […]

2019 NFL Free Agency: Quality starters at top of offensive line market but talent thins out fast

If you’re an NFL team looking to improve on the offensive line this offseason, join the club. Talent on the defensive side of the line has outpaced their offensive counterparts in the trenches in recent years, and it’s not hard to look around the league and see offenses that had more questions than answers on […]

2019 NFL Free Agency: Jared Cook, Jesse James, trio of Bengals top an underwhelming tight end group

The unfortunate reality of the tight end market is that it’s virtually impossible to find a superstar in free agency. The tight end position is so incredibly top heavy — even more so than the quarterback position — that if teams stumble upon a Gronk or a Kelce or an Ertz or a Kittle, they’re […]

Dear Kevin Kiermaier: don’t slow down!

Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier has averaged just 97 games per season since the start of 2016. A broken wrist here, a broken hip there, the Rawlings Platinum Glover has certainly earned his reputation of being ‘injury prone’ thanks to his all out style of play. Fans, scouts and pundits alike have wondered whether he should […]

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