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Watchers on the Wall: Welcome to the Golden Age of the Home Run Robbery

On May 8 in Baltimore, Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. made the kind of catch that keeps a player in the lineup even when he’s spent the season sabotaging his team at the plate. A spring game against the Orioles isn’t a formula for high drama, and many of the 12,451 fans officially in attendance […]

Can Giants ‘Reach Pick’ Daniel Jones Actually Succeed in the NFL?

The concept of the “reach pick” in draft value assessment is a fascinating one. When we speak of a reach pick, we’re generally saying that a team selected a player far higher than his talent indicates. This, of course, doesn’t factor scheme and personnel into the equation; it’s more about player traits in a vacuum […]

Ranking the best outfield arms in the majors right now

What are we looking for when we look for the best current outfield arms in baseball? In the end, effectiveness trumps all, right? You want your outfielders to get results, whether it be throwing someone out or deterring them from running at all. Strength doesn’t mean anything if you’re constantly overthrowing your teammates. “What I want to […]

Cardinals Get Kliff Kingsbury Some Weapons

The moment he got off the phone with second-round pick Andy Isabella during draft weekend, Kliff Kingsbury clapped five times and let out an excited scream. The Cardinals coach is known for his offensive ingenuity, but even the brightest football minds will be handcuffed without talent. General Manager Steve Keim attempted to rectify that last […]

Pillar Makes Unreal Catch While Hanging On Wall

CINCINNATI — Giants center fielder Kevin Pillar arrived from Toronto with a highlight reel of impressive catches, and he made another spectacular play in the third inning of Saturday night’s 9-2 loss to the Reds at Great American Ball Park. With the Reds leading 5-1, Nick Senzel sent a drive towards the 404-foot marker in deep center […]

The Eight NFL Teams With the Biggest Holes Left to Fill

Kansas City Chiefs: Cornerback The Chiefs fielded one of the most dominant pass-rushing fronts in the NFL last year, but that didn’t translate into a top-tier pass defense thanks in large part to its porous back-end coverage. After finishing second to last in passing yards surrendered (273.4 passing yards per game), Kansas City set out […]

We Know Who the 49ers Drafted, Now it’s Time to Find Out the Why

By now you’ve seen draft grades and winners and losers. One thing we haven’t really talked about is the “why.” So let’s do that today. Here is one reason why the San Francisco 49ersselected who they did during the NFL Draft. Nick Bosa Pressure busts pipes According to FootballOutsiders, the 49ers were 18th in pressure rate and adjusted sack rate in 2018. […]

Meet Deandre Baker: New Giants’ Cornerback Ready to Jump in and Compete

Baker says he believes he was the best cornerback in the draft. The Giants surprised a lot of people with their first first-round pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. They surprised just as many people with their third first-round pick. Just the fact there was a third first-round pick was surprising enough. That pick — Georgia cornerback Deandre […]

NFL Draft 2019: Round 4-7 Grades for Every Pick

Impact wide receivers like Iowa State’s Hakeem Butler, who slipped through the cracks in the first three rounds; Versatile defenders like West Virginia linebacker David Long and Florida defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, who could immediately help teams; Developmental quarterbacks like Washington State’s Gardner Minshew and Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson, who could be the guys everyone is […]

2019 NFL Draft: Titans Take A.J. Brown, Giving Marcus Mariota Another Piece for the Offense

With the No. 51 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Titans selected A.J. Brown, wide receiver out of Ole Miss. Worked primarily from slot until D.K. Metcalf was lost to injury. Brown ran a lot of in-breaking and comeback routes in simplified Ole Miss passing offense. Good at finding soft spots in zone coverage and a strong […]

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