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2019 NFL Free Agency: Jared Cook, Jesse James, trio of Bengals top an underwhelming tight end group

The unfortunate reality of the tight end market is that it’s virtually impossible to find a superstar in free agency. The tight end position is so incredibly top heavy — even more so than the quarterback position — that if teams stumble upon a Gronk or a Kelce or an Ertz or a Kittle, they’re not letting them depart in free agency. As a result, the market is littered with unproven, past-their-prime, and replacement-level options.

But that doesn’t mean tight end needy teams, of which there are many, can’t find ways to upgrade at the position next month. It just means they need a bit of luck and foresight to turn tin to gold. Most of the time, it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it does. Just look at what happened last year. 

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