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5 things Cowboys need to do to reach Super Bowl LV, including a position upgrade that will be vital

The Cowboys are now on the clock along with everybody else to reach the Super Bowl in 2021. To get there, the Cowboys need to make some drastic changes to how they go about their business. We review five key areas for possible success if the Cowboys want to make the Super Bowl next season.

1. Create more turnovers

Winning close games and the turnover battle is something NFL teams preach all the time. When it comes to turnovers, the Cowboys don’t create enough of them. Last season they compiled 17 turnovers, tied for 25th in the NFL. The two Super Bowl teams? The 49ers had 27 and the Chiefs finished with 23. The Cowboys need to find defensive playmakers in the draft and free agency who not only knock passes down, but catch the ball as well. According to Sports Info Solutions, the Cowboys were the only team in the league with more dropped interceptions (9) than actual interceptions (7). In 2020, those numbers must reverse and the total number of turnovers had better increase if the Cowboys want to be taken seriously as Super Bowl contenders.

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