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About Sports Info Solutions

Sports Info Solutions, originally founded as Baseball Info Solutions, has been delivering baseball data and analysis with the highest level of accuracy, detail, and timeliness for nearly two decades.

Beginning in 2015, we added football tracking, empowering us to dissect the many intricacies presented each week across the NFL and NCAA FBS. Sports Info Solutions provides the most accurate data in a timely manner using state-of-the-art technology. The commitment to service, customization, and customer support has allowed SIS to remain at the forefront of the sports data industry. We service teams, agents, companies, and fans.

SIS captures statistical snapshots of every on-field event. This produces an exhaustive database that includes traditional statistics and advanced analysis. SIS has leveraged this database to assemble extensive pitch-charting and defensive data as well as producing ground-breaking metrics such as Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) or Independent Quarterback Rating (IQR).

John Dewan, the principal owner of SIS, has been a leader in sports analysis for more than 30 years. His experience dates to his time as Executive Director of Project Scoresheet, the Bill James-led effort that pioneered the new wave of baseball statistics that have become common in today’s vernacular. The remainder of the SIS team includes former professional & collegiate players, coaches, and scouts, as well as research, programming, and database management experts.

SIS has committed to sustained growth within the industry while maintaining the highest level of attention to its customers. The company has more than tripled its full-time staff over the last 5 seasons.

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