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Baseball Researcher Mark Simon on the Importance of MLB Stats & History

Statistics and history are integral components of baseball — more so than any other professional sport. The game is constantly be framed and re framed in numbers and narrative, with comparing the present to the past popular with fans and journalists alike. One of the foremost researchers, writers and analysts of baseball stats and history is Mark Simon, who has enriched the genre for years with his compelling and quality work.

Simon is currently a senior research analyst for Sports Info Solutions, whose stated mission is “supplying top notch, timely, and in-depth baseball data and analytics.” (They also work on football as well since 2015). He also worked for over 15 years at ESPN as a researcher and writer; was a newspaper reporter; authored The Yankee Indexand has done a variety of play-by-play broadcasting for several colleges. In short, he knows his stuff.

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