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Best cornerbacks from 2019 feature some unfamiliar names and up-and-coming stars

Interceptions used to be the only way anyone seemed to measure cornerbacks. Lead the league in picks to prove your worth. But too many DeAngelo Halls would rack up turnovers while giving up big plays and touchdowns, just like the Packers’ 2019 team leader in interceptions, Kevin King. Luckily, the metrics improve by the day, with resources like Pro Football Focus and Sports Info Solutions charting cornerback play. The days of relying on counting stats are mercifully over. So who was best last season? Some names will come as no surprise, while others might make you break out Google.

To evaluate corners, we used Pro Football Focus’ grades, coverage grades, snaps per reception, and rating when targeted. We added in Pro Football Reference’s Approximate Value and Sports Info Solutions’ Total Points to put together a full picture with quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

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