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The Cardinals offense has made progress under Byron Leftwich, just not enough

Written by Jason B. Hirschhorn Already trailing 14-3 before the end of the first quarter, the Arizona Cardinals needed to string together some positive plays in order to claw back into the ballgame. Mike McCoy, the Cardinals’ embattled offensive coordinator, had struggled all season to establish a rhythm with rookie quarterback Josh Rosen and now […]

SIS Introduces Total Points Metric

Our own Alex Vigderman wrote an article for Football Outsiders that introduces SIS’s Total Points metric to the public.

Stark: What would happen if baseball killed the shift? Support for the idea is building inside the game

Written by JAYSON STARK What​ if​ baseball​ banned​ The​ Shift? We​ don’t ask​ that question​ because we’re​ looking​ for clicks.​ We​ don’t​ even​ ask​​ it because we’re trying to get invited to the potentially epic End of the Shift party at Matt Carpenter’s house. We ask because it feels, all of a sudden, as though […]

The Astros Have a New Catcher

Written by JEFF SULLIVAN I’m going to remind you that, last season, the league-average catcher posted an 84 wRC+. The league-average position player posted a 100 wRC+. By definition, it is always 100. Catchers, by and large, cannot hit. Robinson Chirinos hit pretty well as the Rangers’ regular catcher, notching a 103 wRC+ in his […]

Red Sox 2019 Projections: Mookie Betts belts 82 extra-base hits, Dustin Predroia posts .357 OBP in return, per Bill James Handbook

Written by CHRISTOPHER SMITH The Red Sox re-signed right-handed hitting first baseman Steve Pearce on Nov. 16 and likely will return an almost identical lineup in 2019. “You never know what ends up taking place but we’re really, as far as positional players, pretty well set,” Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski said. […]

What will Robinson Cano be worth over next five years?

Written by DAVID SCHOENFIELD The buzz on Thursday had trade talks between the Seattle Mariners and New York Mets involving Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz heating up hotter than a thousand suns, with reports Thursday night that the sides are closing in on a deal. Names proffered about from the Mets’ side include recent No. […]

Cowboys vs. Saints: Prediction, preview, how to watch, stream, statistics to know for ‘Thursday Night Football’

Written by JARED DUBIN Two first-place teams on Thursday Night Football? Yes, please! Both the Cowboys and Saints played a week ago on Thanksgiving, with each of them coming away with a win over a division rival. Dallas has won three straight games after looking like their season might be over a few weeks back, […]

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