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Could The New XFL Rules Fix The NFL’s Perceived Overtime Problem?

Last year’s AFC Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots was one of the best playoff games in recent memory. After a back and forth game, the Patriots managed to take the lead with just 39 seconds left, only for Patrick Mahomes to lead the Chiefs on a four-play, 31-second drive to tie the game and force overtime.  

The problem is, that four-play drive was the last time Mahomes would touch the ball. After receiving the overtime kickoff, Tom Brady marched the Patriots down the field on a methodical 13-play drive, and the game was sealed when Rex Burkhead scored from two yards out. Despite how incredible the game was overall, it still managed to leave a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of fans and spark debate around the current set of rules for NFL overtime.

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