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Dave Gettleman fundamentally misunderstands his own trade for Leonard Williams

Dave Gettleman’s press conference on Tuesday was pure comedy, but perhaps nothing was more outrageous than his comments on impending free agent Leonard Williams.

Gettleman traded a 2020 third round pick and a 2021 fifth round pick to the Jets at the trade deadline for the former first-round pick.

“Basically it was a three and a five, if we sign him it moves up to a four,” Gettleman said. “The thought process was, I really believe that as much as the style of play evolves there are basic truths: you have to run the ball well, you have to stop the run, and you have to rush the passer. If you’re seriously deficient in any one of those three areas, it makes it tough. It’s going to be tough sledding. By bringing in Leonard, we obviously evaluated the film. By bringing him in, we felt he could be a disruptor for us inside — and he has been.”

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