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Dear Kevin Kiermaier: don’t slow down!

Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier has averaged just 97 games per season since the start of 2016. A broken wrist here, a broken hip there, the Rawlings Platinum Glover has certainly earned his reputation of being ‘injury prone’ thanks to his all out style of play. Fans, scouts and pundits alike have wondered whether he should take it easy.

But that’s, just, not his game. He is ‘The Outlaw,’ after all.

Despite a disappointing 2018, which included career lows in games played (88) and wRC+ (78), Kiermaier is still held in high regard relative to his peers. Recently, he was ranked the 10th best center fielder in baseballaccording to MLB Network’s ‘The Shredder.’ While his style of play gives him much of his value, especially in terms of defense and baserunning, it may continue to limit his time on the field.

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