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Francisco Lindor says he’s open to discussing long-term deal with New York Mets

The New York Mets have been searching for years for a superstar position player. They now have one in Francisco Lindor, and the big question on everyone’s mind: Will he sign a long-term deal with the Mets?

Lindor, eligible for free agency after the 2021 season, said during a video call Monday that he’s certainly open to discussing a deal.

“To all of those fans out there, I live life day by day. I’m extremely happy and excited about what’s happening right now, but I haven’t really sat down and talked to anybody,” he said. “Yeah, I had the welcoming conversations and I can’t wait. I’ve never been against an extension. I’ve never been against signing long-term. I’m sure my agent along with the Mets group, they’ll have conversations.”

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