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How Clint Frazier became a Gold Glove candidate

A lot of wild things happened during a 60-game season, but Clint Frazier’s stunning development from defensive liability into a Gold Glove nominee in right field ranks among the most unexpected. It’s not that Frazier wasn’t capable of the turnaround, but more so how quickly he pulled it off, and how much it has saved his future as a Yankee.

Frazier is a corner outfielder who has historically been a better defender in left field than right. However, he had to play a significant amount of time in right this year after injuries to Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and he did it with aplomb. Following a disastrous 263 innings in right last year, Frazier represented a net positive in right field in 216 innings this year. He went from a -6 in defensive runs saved in 2019 to a +4 DRS in 2020.

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