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How the Giants can improve the running game in 2019

Eli Manning. Daniel Jones. Alex Tanney. Whoever is at quarterback probably isn’t going to change the fact the New York Giants want to run the ball.

In 2018, the Giants ended the season as one of the most pass-heavy offenses in the league — 64 percent pass, which was the fifth-highest rate in the league per Sharp Football Stats — but that wasn’t for a lack of trying to establish the run. On first-and-10 plays in the first half before games got out of control, the Giants were just 47 percent pass, the seventh-lowest rate in the league during those situations.

It can — and should — be argued the Giants were forced to be pass-heavy overall because of the commitment to the run on early downs, but it’s unlikely the team will scale back those attempts in the upcoming season given the way the roster has been constructed — even if limiting the number of runs would ideally be the best option.

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