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Inside the numbers: How concerning are Alabama’s problems on defense?

In this week’s Suttles Thoughts, I attempted to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What’s wrong with the Alabama defense?

Actually, I attempted to provide possible reasons why this year’s defense is struggling, at least according to Nick Saban’s exacting standards. I offered up the fact the offense has morphed into one of the most explosive offenses in the country and because of that maybe the defense can’t keep pace. I pointed to the fact that since UA went away from the Saban defensive coaching tree of Kirby Smart/Jeremy Pruitt, the results have fallen. I can’t ignore the depleted depth chart, as well, although I also pulled some metrics that showed the depth chart was just as troublesome following the mass exodus of defensive talent in 2016 with the injury bug hitting in 2017. It’s possible that all three (and maybe ones I haven’t considered) are contributing to the defensive drop-off.

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