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Kapadia: What the Jalen Hurts pick says about how the Eagles view Carson Wentz

The dominant topic of conversation surrounding the Eagles this week has been about whether they were wise or foolish to use a second-round pick on Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts. Below are seven thoughts on that decision, including what Howie Roseman was thinking and what the move means for the future of the franchise.

I’ve heard a number of theories about why the pick actually made perfect sense. But I think the discussion has to start with what the Eagles thought about Hurts as a prospect. You don’t make this move if you think you’re adding a Taysom Hill-like player. You also don’t make this move if you view Hurts as merely a quality backup. You make this move if your evaluation — based on scouting, analytics, interviews, everything — tells you that Hurts has a chance to be a special player. Roseman has talked this week about the 2012 draft, when the Eagles liked Russell Wilson, waited to take him and missed out. They would never…

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