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Kolten Wong is still inexplicably available

In many ways, Kolten Wong was the canary in the coal mine for this offseason. Wong was coming off a season in which he was on pace for 3.5 fWAR over a 162-game span. That would have been an effective repeat of his 2019 campaign in which he accrued 3.7 wins as the Cardinals’ everyday second baseman. Wong was only due $12.5 million in 2021, a pittance for a player whose floor appears to be average starter.

Still, the Cardinals declined his option anyway. For years, Dan Szymborski and others have considered dollars-per-WAR calculations to be non-linear, but even with that first win being half of the typical $8-9 million, the cutting of Wong came as a shock. If Wong was considered expendable then that meant a lot of good, fairly-priced players were going to become free agents soon.

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