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Man overboard! Why defenses are getting killed in man coverage

One of the most egregious and eventually most fireable offenses any coach can make is to roll headlong into a new NFL trend without the personnel to make it work. For the rare Bill Belichicks of the world who change their modus operandi from year to year (heck, from week to week and drive to drive ) based on the best uses of the personnel they have, there are at least a dozen coaches who wouldn’t know situational football from a hole in the ground… and odds are, half that dozen at any given time will be guys who used to work for Belichick.

An example: Instead of understanding that your secondary is best-suited to one or more particular coverages, you can superimpose your preferences on your defensive backs, and watch them run around the field without much of a clue. If you do that, dear coach, the failures are your fault, not the fault of your players.

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