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Mark Ingram views decision to draft J.K Dobbins as a sign of Ravens going all-in on Super Bowl aspirations

When the Baltimore Ravens used an early pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to select a running back despite having previously signed Mark Ingram to a multi-year contract last offseason, some analysts were confused by what seemed like a luxury pick. Ingram was not one of them. Ingram believes Baltimore’s decision to draft Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins could be one of the final pieces of the Ravens’ championship puzzle. 

“I like the young bull. I’ve been following his game for a while,” Ingram said of Dobbins during a recent appearance on NFL Network. “I like the way he runs the rock, for sure. He reached out to me right after he got drafted. Just shot me his number. Said he’s looking forward to getting to work. I told him, ‘Lets’ go get a ring.’ He said he’s trying to go win a championship. I like his mindset, I like his attitude, and I like the way he runs the ball.

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