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Ravens film study: Want to stop Lamar Jackson? Don’t test him with an all-out blitz.

If there is a defensive approach that can stop Lamar Jackson, the Ravens quarterback has not seen it this season. Line up in man-to-man coverage, and he’ll find a tight end against an overmatched defender or find a hole to scramble through. Test him with zone coverage, and he’ll scan the secondary behind a sturdy offensive line until he sees an opening.

There’s also a third way to not stop Jackson. It is probably the worst way to not stop Jackson: Blitz him with everything you’ve got.

Over 12 games this season, Jackson has faced more Cover 0 defenses (21) — a blitz-heavy, man-to-man coverage scheme with zero deep defenders — than any NFL quarterback. The pressure packages are rare enough, and with Jackson’s play of late, they might as well be off-limits for defensive coordinators.

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