SIS Introduces Major Upgrade to its Flagship Stat, Defensive Runs Saved


(January 13, 2020) – Sports Info Solutions (SIS) is pleased to announce a revolutionary advancement in its flagship statistic, Defensive Runs Saved. This update will be featured in The Fielding Bible – Volume V, coming this spring.

The Fielding Bible has supported the Sports Info Solutions mission of improving baseball’s understanding of defensive metrics. SIS launched the series in 2006 with the goal of pioneering research on defensive shifts, and defense as a whole, in baseball.

SIS moves another step closer to accomplishing this goal with the new update coming to Defensive Runs Saved (DRS), which will feature two major changes:

1. Breaking the DRS system into PARTs (Positioning, Air balls, Range, and Throwing)

2. Evaluating defensive performance for individual fielders on shift plays

These changes allow for isolation of individual elements when evaluating the skills of each fielder. The idea of isolating player positioning, which is largely controlled by the player’s team, allows other key skills that are controlled by the player to be better evaluated by teams and fans alike.

“We have transitioned from evaluating ‘How many runs did this player save (or cost) his team with his defense?’ to ‘How did various skills each player utilizes such as range, positioning and throwing contribute to the runs he saved (or cost) his team?’” said Sports Info Solutions founder John Dewan. “This is a major development in defensive analytics research which will lead to more in-depth and accurate analysis of defensive performance.”

Under the new system, an infielder’s DRS total will now be the sum of three components: his Air Balls Runs Saved, Range Runs Saved, and Throwing Runs Saved. This allows for better separation between Team DRS and Individual DRS, since Positioning is no longer combined with Range Runs Saved. Positioning is still an important aspect of the game, and will still be recorded for evaluation, but will no longer be included in player totals for DRS. It will be factored into a team’s Defensive Runs Saved total.

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