Sports Info Solutions Announces Football Promotions

Sports Info Solutions (SIS) is pleased to announce several promotions within its Football Operations

Dan Foehrenbach has been promoted to the role of Football Operations Lead. He has run point on
the NFL and NCAA football operations at SIS since their inceptions.

“Dan is a leader in its purest form,” said Matt Manocherian, VP of Football and Research. “He started
the football operation at SIS and is the glue that holds it together. There is nobody better at
understanding all of the intricacies that go into what we do, and his exceptional character sets the
standard for the culture in the SIS Football Department that we are all so proud to be a part of.”

Nathan Cooper has been promoted to Football Scouting Analyst. As the leader of the scouting that
goes into the SIS Football Rookie Handbook, his new role will entail him taking a prominent role in
leading new initiatives in the Football Operations department.

“Nathan is one of the best football minds I have been around, full stop,” said Manocherian. “He is a
diligent grinder who attacks his job with a passion that is hard to come by. There would be no
Football Rookie Handbook without Nathan, and we are lucky to have him.”

In a similar vein, John Verros has been promoted to Injury Analyst. A kinesiology expert, John
oversees the SIS Football, Baseball, and Basketball injury data collection operations. These operations
record intricate data on every injury suffered on or off the field in both professional and amateur
levels of each sport. John reviews the video of every injury that is charted.

“John is the brains behind our injury operation. He has architected the entire system, refined it over
the years, and personally reviews every diagnosis and prognosis in our database. He also works
closely with the R&D team to provide subject matter expertise, and he is a pleasure to work with
every day,” stated Manocherian.

Jeff Dean has been promoted to the role of Scouting Associate. In this role, he will work under the
guidance of Foehrenbach and Cooper to strengthen the quality of our operation on all fronts.

“Jeff is a talented scout who has grown into a key contributor to our scouting function, data quality,
training, and recruiting. He has all the tools that we look for and is a tireless worker,” said
Manocherian. “He is a living embodiment of our ‘get better every day’ mantra, and we’re all proud to
work alongside him.”

About Sports Info Solutions:
Sports Info Solutions is committed to providing the most accurate, in-depth, and timely baseball,
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