Sports Info Solutions Announces Launch of SISbets Website

May 2, 2019 – Sports Info Solutions is excited to announce the launch of the revolutionary betting tool, SISbets.

SISbets ( assists users with prop bet wagering by supplying probabilities of a prop hitting over or under the Vegas betting line. This cutting-edge, predictive model is powered by the largest database of accurate and detailed data, all in a user-friendly platform that allows for customization.

“With the spread of legalized sports betting, our organization is uniquely positioned to utilize our wealth of data to help guide legal bettors make more informed wagers,” explained Sports Info Solutions President Rob Dougherty. “With SISbets, it takes just a few clicks to select a certain player prop and receive a highly analytically-derived recommendation based on projections that consider a substantial amount of data points.”

For the past 20 years, Sports Info Solutions has developed a reputation as the industry-leader in sports data and analytics, highlighted by its notable contributions to the game of baseball including the creation of Defensive Runs Saved and pioneering research on the defensive shift. SIS launched its football operation in 2015 and expanded to cover college football in 2016. Now, SIS is repurposing its data that teams use to win on the field to help legal sports bettors win off the field.

Sports Info Solutions’ first foray into the gaming landscape was with daily fantasy projections for the MLB in the form of the “SIS Model 1”, which is now iterated up to the “Model 4” following years of extensive testing and development. Sports Info Solutions has also recently launched “NFL-IQ”, an advanced NFL projection system.  

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