Sports Info Solutions Announces Organizational Changes

November 30, 2018

Sports Info Solutions is pleased to announce that Matt Manocherian has been promoted to Director of Research & Development and Football.

“Expanding Matt’s role to include full oversight of the Research & Development Group allows our organization to better leverage the innate talents that he possesses,” stated President Rob Dougherty. “His natural leadership skills will be of great assistance to junior-level staff as we continue to experience sustained company growth.”

In a related move, Joe Rosales has taken the role of Lead Research Analyst and Strategic Advisor, where his expertise can be directly applied to vital analytics projects and new products.

“Joe’s unique insight in the baseball analytics community, and knowledge of our databases and systems, can now be focused on core new products and research initiatives that will provide for an even-higher level of client satisfaction,” explained Dougherty.

In other news, SIS is very happy to welcome back Patrick Coyle to the Information Technology Group, as the Lead IT Analyst. Coyle fills the opening created earlier this year when Dougherty assumed the presidency, and Craig Saboe took on the mantle of Director of IT.

“Having previously been here from 2011 thru 2016, Patrick has a wealth of knowledge with our application development architecture, his return allows us to accelerate our overall technological innovation game plan as to remain at the forefront of the industry’s tech landscape,” stated Dougherty.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and congratulations to each of them!

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