Sports Info Solutions Releases Free Version of the SIS DataHub

September 3, 2019

Back in 2017, Sports Info Solutions launched the SIS DataHub, a revolutionary football statistics tool that allows users throughout the industry to perform advanced College and Professional player and team analysis by harnessing the power of its detailed, proprietary data.

Today, Sports Info Solutions is proud to announce the release of a free version of the SIS DataHub, which will allow anyone to learn more about their favorite players and teams throughout the NFL. The free version of the SIS DataHub features interactive leaderboards as well as individual player pages, providing traditional and advanced stats, again, utilizing Sports Info Solutions’ data.

“Considering the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from writers, broadcasters and teams that utilize the SIS DataHub on a regular basis, it was only natural that we would create a free version of our professional tool in order to fulfill our company mandate of keeping the public informed of the innovations that our research and technology groups continually produce,” stated Rob Dougherty, president of Sports Info Solutions. 

With the release of the free version of the SIS DataHub, now any football fan, analyst, or fantasy player can utilize Sports Info Solutions’ data when learning more about the game they love. This tool will serve as an excellent complement to the “Pro” version released back in 2017. To learn more about the differences between the free and Pro versions of the SIS DataHub, please click here.

The SIS DataHub Pro allows users to take their research to new heights, with features to discover things like:

  • Matt Ryan had the most Total Points under pressure last season with 57.
  • Kyler Murray posted the highest Independent Quarterback Rating (IQR) among all FBS quarterbacks last season (145.2)
  • Stephon Gilmore saw the most targets in Man Coverage last season (70) and finished top-10 in Yards/Target (3.5), QBRating Against (56), and Deserved Catch Rate (58%).

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