Statement from Sports Info Solutions

(June 8, 2020) – Sports Info Solutions condemns the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. We also condemn the horrific police brutality that we have watched unfold in cities across the United States. 

The worst problems of our past continue to persist in our present. They must be acknowledged and dealt with at the highest level of priority.

Black Lives Matter.

Systemic racism, inequality, and oppression must be addressed. We stand with the black community in a call for powerful and impactful action.

Sports Info Solutions stands committed to a world built on a foundation of equality and justice, a world in which everyone has the opportunity to succeed regardless of race.

We know that our company can do better. We are watching, reading, listening, and acting to fulfill our responsibility. We will be consistent in our approach as we move forward.

We have made a donation to Black Lives Matter Global Network and are actively seeking out ways that we can make an impact in the global community.

It is important that we hold ourselves accountable for our promises. We know that history will remember what we do and we will work to fulfill our commitment.

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