When we get to the modern third basemen we get to an interesting question as it pertains to the Hall of Fame. It is called the Baseball Hall of Fame. It isn’t called the MLB Hall of Fame or the Professional Hall of Fame. So, how much do we count accomplishments that occur outside of […]

Todd Helton’s Mile-High Stats Were Too Damn Good To Believe

This is the Hall of Pretty Damn Good Players, our weekly opportunity to pay respect to talented athletes who deserve better legacies. So far in this space, I’ve usually highlighted players with modest conventional numbers that belied their true contributions. But this week, let’s change it up a bit. I want to talk about a player […]

Hall of Fame vote is final Derek Jeter stat to argue about

Derek Jeter will officially become a first-ballot Hall of Famer Tuesday. When the Yankees shortstop officially called it a career five years ago — getting his 3,465th hit in his final at-bat to drive in the game-winning run, of course — there was never a doubt he would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame […]

Larry Walker Meets the Hall of Fame Standard

Larry Walker is a high-end Hall of Fame candidate. But not everyone seems to have figured that out yet.

Fred McGriff Has Statistical Support For Cooperstown

Fred McGriff was a really good baseball player. But he’s yet to be recognized as belonging among the elite. McGriff is in his final year of eligibility on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. He received 22 percent support in his first year. He received 23 percent last year. He’s not close to the 75 percent needed for election. But perhaps he should be.

For Edgar Martínez, Voters Are Catching Up to HOF Worthiness

This should be the year that Mariners third baseman Edgar Martinez makes the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Value Standard Shows Mike Mussina’s Worthniess

The Baseball Hall of Fame voters are slowly but surely supporting Mike Mussina’s Hall of Fame candidacy. Mussina isn’t quite there yet, though statistically there’s not much doubt that he belongs.

By the Numbers, Scott Rolen is Hall-Of-Fame Worthy

Third baseman Scott Rolen received 10 percent of the vote his first time on the Hall of Fame ballot. The numbers indicate he deserves better when the results are announced on January. 22.

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