Strategy guides for every 2020 NFL playoff team

It’s been a long NFL season, but the postseason is finally here. Now, you probably didn’t get to study the entire playoff field in-depth during the regular season. No worries. We’ve put together guides that will help you become an instant expert on all 12 teams making up the field. These guides will tell you […]

Decision Making & Excitement In First Half Of The NFL Season

At the start of the season, Sports Info Solutions did a detailed study about the different elements that go into fourth down decision making and a number of other win probability related topics. And now, with more than half the season in the books, we can start to take a look back and see if […]

The two most realistic matches for Le’Veon Bell reside in the AFC South

On​ Wednesday,​ Steelers​ GM​ Kevin​ Colbert​ officially announced​ that Pittsburgh​ would not​ place​ any tag​ on​ star​ running​ back​​ Le’Veon Bell, ending the longstanding drama and officially making him a free agent. As analysts continue to play the where-will-he-land guessing game, it’s important to consider all of the crucial factors. Even if the scheme seems […]

How much will Deshaun Watson run in the playoff opener against the Colts?

By Rivers McCown Dec 31, 2018 Tasked​ with​ fixing​ what​ had​ been​ a broken rushing​ offense over​ the last​ three​ weeks, Texans​ head​ coach​ Bill​ O’Brien​​ officially reached for the break-in-case-of-emergency plan on Sunday. Deshaun Watson carried the ball a career-high 13 times for 66 yards and a touchdown to get Houston into the playoffs as the […]

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