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Sports Info Solutions provides cutting-edge information to teams looking to stay a step ahead of the competition. Originally founded as Baseball Info Solutions, we have become the industry leader in providing in-depth and highly accurate baseball statistics along with advanced sabermetric analysis. We used that background knowledge to establish ourselves in football, gathering classic and innovative statistical data while doing groundbreaking analysis, and pioneering the new wave of football talent evaluation at the highest levels.

In both Baseball and Football, we are constantly pushing ahead of the curve by providing our diverse team clients with both innovative data and polished analysis.

We make our data and analysis available to team clients through raw data feeds as well as a user-friendly web interface. Along with live and overnight delivery of current data, we have several decades of historical information available in various formats. Our skilled IT staff is capable of designing customized files, reports, or web interfaces that suit your needs.

Baseball Product Offerings Include:

  • Hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics, breakdowns, and splits
  • Pitch type, velocity, and location data
  • Cutting-edge defensive analysis of Major League, Minor League, and International Players
  • Tools to optimize infield and outfield defensive positioning
  • Analysis of baserunning tendencies
  • Batted ball timer data
  • Advanced defensive positioning analysis
  • Bill James’s Good Fielding Plays and Defensive Misplays classifications
  • Custom reports and web interfaces
  • Several new data collection points for the current year

Football Product Offerings Include:

  • Full, in-depth coverage of the entire NFL and NCAA FBS
  • Advanced passing statistics, including On-Target% & IQR
  • Advanced rushing statistics, including Broken Tackles, YAContact, & Bounce%
  • Advanced receiving statistics, including Air Yards, YACatch, & Receiver Rating
  • Advanced blocking statistics, including Blown Blocks & Adjusted Blown Block %
  • Advanced coverage statistics, including Rating When Targeted & Man/Zone splits
  • Advanced pass rush statistics, including Fronts, Pressure Rate, & Blitz Rate
  • Advanced run defense statistics, including Men In Box, Broken, & Missed Tackles
  • Advanced special teams statistics, including splits by formation & full depth charts
  • Full player participation
  • Offense/defensive formations
  • Penalty and challenge analysis
  • Quality control analysis
  • Every route on every play
  • Motion tendencies
  • Blocking schemes
  • Coverage schemes
  • Weekly projections
  • Expected Points Added and Total Points
  • Decision analysis
  • Custom reports
  • Player evaluations
  • SIS DataHub Exclusive Team-Only Features

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