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The two most realistic matches for Le’Veon Bell reside in the AFC South

On​ Wednesday,​ Steelers​ GM​ Kevin​ Colbert​ officially announced​ that Pittsburgh​ would not​ place​ any tag​ on​ star​ running​ back​​ Le’Veon Bell, ending the longstanding drama and officially making him a free agent. As analysts continue to play the where-will-he-land guessing game, it’s important to consider all of the crucial factors. Even if the scheme seems like a dream fit, there will be teams out there who cannot or will not pay a player fair market value. For example, the Patriots, with their diverse run scheme and creative use of backs in the passing game, would theoretically be a great match for Le’Veon Bell. But the fact that the 26-year-old back is seeking a payday means that an otherwise perfect marriage is unlikely to come to fruition.

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