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The Vikings are asking Kirk Cousins to be something he’s not: A QB worth $84 million

After firing previous offensive coordinator John DeFilippo during the 2018 season for not running the ball enough, Zimmer picked long-time Vikings assistant Kevin Stefanski as his interim play-caller and ordered him to run the ball more. Stefanski obliged and ended up getting the job full-time in the offseason. But Stefanski would not be running this show alone. Zimmer also coaxed Gary Kubiak out of coaching retirement to help Stefanski build an offense similar to the ones he ran in Denver and Houston.

The decision to employ Kubiak’s system makes a ton of sense on paper. Kyle Shanahan coached under Kubiak in Houston and runs an identical scheme. Sean McVay’s system is based on the same principals. And Cousins played under both Shanahan and McVay in Washington

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