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We Know Who the 49ers Drafted, Now it’s Time to Find Out the Why

By now you’ve seen draft grades and winners and losers. One thing we haven’t really talked about is the “why.” So let’s do that today. Here is one reason why the San Francisco 49ersselected who they did during the NFL Draft.

Nick Bosa

Pressure busts pipes

According to FootballOutsiders, the 49ers were 18th in pressure rate and adjusted sack rate in 2018. If the offense isn’t humming on all cylinders, that’s just not good enough. The team needed to bring in a player that doesn’t just win, but wins a lot. That’s what Bosa does. The junior out of Ohio State was second in pressure rate and sack percentage, per Sports info Solutions rookie handbook.

Bosa isn’t just disruptive against the pass. He will constantly blow up your run plays, too.

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