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What’s wrong with a Giants defense that just isn’t good enough?

Really wherever you look, the numbers are damning.

Errors are passe, a blunt way of measuring a defensive play without much context. And yet, the Giants rank last in the majors with 19 entering Tuesday’s action.

Their .970 fielding percentage, which again is imprecise and does not take into account range, is a big league-worst .970. The defensive runs saved, as measured by Fangraphs, amounts to minus-3, tied for 25th in baseball (though far ahead of the minus-8 Royals and Mets).

A view of advanced defensive statistics is taken best panoramically, absorbing all of the information and gleaning the takeaways. Sure, Gabe Kapler said, they take all of it into account, but he also trusts his eye test.

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