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Why A’s Matt Olson is most underrated player entering 2020 MLB season

Players drafted in the first round don’t tend to be seen as underrated. Any prospect who winds up being taken that early in the draft becomes a household name among that fan base and eventually, among MLB.

But if you asked a casual baseball fan outside of the Bay Area about Matt Olson, many likely wouldn’t be able to tell you a single fact about the slugger.

And yet, the A’s first baseman hit a home run every 13.4 at-bats in 2019, which if stretched out over a career, would be the third-best mark in MLB history.

An injury in Oakland’s second regular-season game forced Olson to miss 34 games early in the season, yet he still managed to lead AL first basemen in home runs (36) and WAR (5.4).

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