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Why the 49ers’ pass defense has fallen apart — and can it be fixed?

According to Saleh, the Rams called 21 boot-action plays against his defense last Saturday, which Saleh called “unheard of.” Throwing boot concepts at a defense with a fast, aggressive defensive front forces defensive linemen to make second reactions when they’d rather not. It forces linebackers to sail betwixt and between run fits and coverage adjustments. The routes receivers run in boot concepts, which can be improvisational in nature at times, force cornerbacks and safeties to recover from their original concepts to what they’re actually facing.

Sports Info Solutions charted Goff with 18 boot-action attempts, completing 11 for 131 yards, 61 air yards, and that touchdown pass. In Week 16, Ryan Tannehill of the Titans ranked second in the NFL with five boot-action attempts. So, yes, it was highly unusual. And yes, Saleh should expect the Seahawks to run heavy boot until and unless his defense can stop it. In Week 10, Wilson attempted seven passes on boot-action, completing six for 50 yards, 23 air yards, and this touchdown pass to tight end Jacob Hollister.

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