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William Watson: The line on Bill Morneau

So what’s the line on Bill Morneau, as they say when the pitcher walks off the mound and the announcers tell you how many innings he pitched, how many runs and hits he gave up, how many batters he struck out and, if he’s being pulled in the middle of an inning, how many men he’s leaving on base?

Morneau is leaving in the middle of what is turning into a very big inning — there’s about 150 runners on base, it seems — but, with him now sitting on the bench, icing his arm (which must be aching after signing so many cheques since March) and nursing his ego, it’s time to start assessing his record. On this sort of thing the fiscal equivalent of Bill James’ Baseball Handbook is a new website, Finances of the Nation, that carries on the work of the annual monograph of that name that the Canadian Tax Foundation published for almost 60 years.

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