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2016 NFL Leaderboards
RB Broken Tackle Per 100 Touches, 2016
Bilal Powell 25.9
Robert Kelly 23.9
T.J. Yeldon 23.9
LeSean McCoy 22.9
Devonta Freeman 22.4
Spencer Ware 22.3
Terrance West 21.6
David Johnson 21.4
Doug Martin 20.9
Carlos Hyde 20.9
*Minimum 150 Touches
QB Snaps Under Pressure, 2016
Colts 296
Seahawks 294
Buccaneers 270
Cardinals 265
Browns 262
Eagles 241
Texans 238
49ers 236
Packers 228
Ravens 228
Team Percentage Of Passes Dropped, 2016
Jets 9.1%
Raiders 8.4%
Chiefs 8.3%
Giants 8.1%
Panthers 7.8%
Eagles 7.6%
Rams 7.5%
Chargers 7.5%
49ers 7.4%
Texans 7.3%