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2017 FBS Leaderboards
IQR from Clean Pocket
Baker Mayfield 143.3
Jalen Hurts 141.8
Taylor Lamb 136.3
Drew Lock 136.2
Mckenzie Milton 135.8
Logan Woodside 135.8
Mason Rudolph 134.8
J.T. Barrett 134.6
Christian Chapman 133.3
Kyle Shurmur 132.9
RB Broken Tackle %
Andrew Clair 31.84%
Malcolm Perry 27.75%
David Montgomery 26.48%
James Williams 25.18%
Jason Huntley 24.32%
Devin Singletary 23.24%
JaMycal Hasty 22.05%
Brad Anderson 22.02%
Soso Jamabo 21.66%
Xavier Jones 21.59%
On-Target Catch Rate
Jalen McCleskey 96.2%
Trey Quinn 95.0%
Ryan Davis 94.4%
John Ursua 94.0%
Hayden Hurst 93.6%
Cam Echols-Luper 93.3%
Marchie Murdock 93.2%
KaVontae Turpin 93.2%
David Ungerer 92.9%
Ray-Ray McCloud 92.6%