Our unique blend of objective football data and advanced analytics provide unforeseen abilities to fans, front offices and fantasy players across football. Our team of football scouts know the game inside and out and it shows!

Data Products

Our advanced College Football and NFL Data is provided in a timely, highly accurate manner with several data feeds and products available based on your specific needs.

Leveraging a mixture of Computer Vision and operational expertise, we’re going deeper on the gridiron.

For Teams

  • Coverage of NFL and FBS
  • Pre-snap Offense and Defense (Personnel Packages, Formations, Motions and more)
  • Advanced Injury Information and Predictive Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics including WAR, Total Points and Independent QB Ratings
  • Advanced Data Points for Rushing
  • Advanced Data Points for Receiving


  • Coverage of NFL and FBS
  • Rich Data to Tune Your Football Models to Precision
  • Advanced Injury Probabilities
  • Probability and Tendency Models
  • Live, Custom Data Feeds

Media/Sports Fans

  • Coverage of NFL and FBS
  • Referee Reports
  • Decision Analysis and Win Probability Calculator
  • Advanced Analytics: WAR, Total Points, Independent QB Rating
  • Prospect Scores and Draft Analysis

Tools and Applications

Leveraging our rich, proprietary data we’ve created a suite of tools and applications that will help you navigate the data to find key insights, helping you win.


We’re constantly pulling insights and putting them into the wild. Check out our research and analysis, along with the SIS Off the Charts Football Podcast that goes deep, looking at football, fantasy and betting through the lens of data.

SIS Football Research and Analysis

SIS Off the Charts Football Podcast