We Specialize in: Collecting, Interpreting and Disseminating in-depth baseball statistics.


Company Overview

Sports Info Solutions (SIS) opened its doors back in 2002 and has been on the leading edge of the advanced statistical study of sports ever since. The company’s mission is to provide the most accurate, in-depth, timely baseball and football data, including cutting-edge research and analysis, striving to educate both professional teams and the public about sports analytics. SIS employs a staff of expert baseball and football scouts and an army of highly trained video scouts who conduct several passes of each game, recording everything from basic box score data to times and locations of balls in play, pitch types and locations, defensive shifts, routes, coverages, and much more.

The company’s analysts and programmers dissect data, producing a variety of predictive studies and analytics, including Defensive Runs Saved. Defensive Runs Saved estimates the number of runs a defender saves or costs his teams because of his ability to convert balls in play into outs, defend bunts, turn double plays, prevent baserunner advancements, and several other factors. A couple of the more recent advancements are Strike Zone Plus/Minus—which measures the number of extra strikes drawn because of the framing tendencies of catchers, pitchers, batters, and umpires—and Stolen Base Red Light/Green Light—which predicts baserunner success rates on stolen bases against various pitcher-catcher combinations, even if they have never faced each other. Likewise, SIS is making exciting progress in football analytics, including the creation of Independent Quarterback Rating, which removes many factors outside the QB's control, including drops, to measure passing effectiveness.

Career Postings

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