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  • Accuracy

    We pride ourselves on providing objective, accurate data meticulously created via our proprietary software and excellent operators.

  • Customization

    We will customize data feeds specifically for your purposes. Want an aggregated feed, we got you. A low latency, low payload feed, we can do that too!

  • Analytics

    Our team of data scientists have created exceptional models predicting and analyzing all actions on the field, court or diamond.

  • Integration and Support

    Once you’ve found the data or product you’re after, our team of specialists will ensure a seamless integration and ongoing support system is in place so we both win.

  • Data Richness

    Our unparalleled, innovative data sets cover every aspect of the sporting action, across all levels of baseball, football and basketball. SIS is known for quantifying what was previously unquantifiable and we continue to push that envelope.

  • Live Data

    We can and will support your needs, supplying real time data in a low latency environment, fit for your goals.

Scouts matter because not everything that counts can be counted and relevant data matters since not everything that can be counted counts. With that said, SIS creates relevant football data that matters.

John ParkDirector of Football Research, Indianapolis Colts

There wouldn’t be a championship parade without your guys’ help.

AnonymousMLB Executive from World Series-winning team
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Our mission is to enrich and optimize the decision-making process for sports teams, sportsbooks and sports fans.


Baseball is where it all started for us. Our comprehensive coverage across Majors, Minors, Collegiate, International and Amateur baseball is sure to give you the edge.

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Covering all NFL and FBS games, we go a level deeper, providing data and insights critical to the new wave of gridiron action.

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With multiple products and extensive subject matter expertise, we are pushing the boundaries on the hardwood with the Hoops Scouting Lab, Four Factors 2.0 and more.

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In betting, data is king. Our models are powered by the richest, most accurate data sets informed by sporting subject matter experts. This is truly the data you need to win.

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Recent Blog Posts

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