Range and Positioning:

Franco is able to read the ball off the bat very well, but often fails in completing the play because he is inexperienced and still learning to field the position.  Franco’s range is a bit inconsistent, depending on his effort at attempting to make more difficult plays.  Franco tends to play deeper in the hole leaving him susceptible to soft grounders and bunts.


Franco’s footwork has played to become his biggest strength thus far, often giving him an opportunity to make an out. However, his footwork can still be a tad inconsistent, which can impact his release point on throws.


Franco often mishandles balls when he is forced to attempt the play while in motion (jogging and sprinting).  Franco often bobbles the ball or loses it in transferring from his glove to his throwing hand.  As a result, despite getting an exceptional read on a play, Franco can turn a routine play into a more difficult play.  Franco often makes off-kilter throws because he is not able to consistently repeat his fielding mechanics.


Franco’s throwing arm strength is as strong as the best in the game, but he struggles mightily with his accuracy. Franco’s arm strength allows him to position himself deeper in the infield.  When making plays in motion Franco’s throws often sail left or right because he does not compensate for his momentum on the throw nor his inconsistent fielding mechanics.