Sports Info Solutions is opening its wealth of data to you for free during the NFL draft!

To celebrate the draft, all trials to the SIS DataHub will have the trial status removed and be given full access to the most in-depth and accurate football database.

The SIS DataHub is a premier research tool that has all the traditional metrics as well as proprietary statistics that are not available anywhere else- including blown block percentage, broken tackles, route data, and more.

Layers of filters and splits allow users to easily manipulate the data to view performance in certain situations in order to gain a deeper understanding about a player or team’s overall body of work. Two-minute drill, red zone production, man/zone splits, and one- possession games are just the surface of the type of situations you can access with the DataHub.

This week, Business Development Analyst and resident DataHub expert, Corey March, will be releasing a video demonstrating some of the DataHub’s unique capabilities and showing some of the best ways to navigate the site. Corey will talk about some of the players and stats he finds interesting about this year’s rookie class.

Inside the video, Corey will also mention a promo code that can be used with the DataHub to get a discount on new subscriptions.

To cap off the NFL draft celebration, trials to the DataHub will have a chance to win free subscriptions, with one subscription being given away each day of the draft.

Day 1: Annual account awarded

Day 2: Three- month account awarded

Day 3: One- month account awarded

Take advantage of this opportunity to research the newest class of future NFL starts and make decisions on each pick for yourself!

Sign up for your trial at

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