By Mark Simon

The Mets signed Joe Panik today. That’s not a signing that would be thought of as much of a big deal. However …

Panik is hitting .235 with three home runs and a .627 OPS this season.

However, he misses on only 10% of his swings (the third-lowest rate in MLB). Also, his expected numbers indicate that he was underachieving with the Giants.

Based on batted ball type, location and velocity, Panik’s expected numbers by our metrics are a .281 batting average with eight home runs and a .774 OPS.

Note that our inputs are different from Statcast’s, which aren’t as bullish on him, but still indicate a 36-point difference in expected and actual slugging percentage and a 23-point difference between expected and actual wOBA.

Panik grades out as an average defender by Defensive Runs Saved this season.

However, average is an upgrade for the Mets, given Robinson Cano’s struggles both at the plate and in the field for much of the season. Panik also has 18 Good Fielding Plays, based on review from our Video Scouts. That’s tied for fourth by a second basemen this season. He also ranked in the top-third among second basemen in most Good Fielding Plays per 100 Innings and fewest Defensive Misplays & Errors per 100 innings this season.

Panik contributed -0.4 Wins Above Replacement (Baseball-Reference version) to the Giants this season.

However, things tended to go better when he played than when he didn’t. The Giants are 46-39 when he started this season. They’re 11-20 when he didn’t.