On this episode of the Sports Info Solutions Baseball Podcast, Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) is joined by Rockies shortstop Trevor Story (@Tstory2) to ‘talk shop’ about his defensive success. Trevor currently leads in our “Good Fielding Plays” stat for shortstops by a WIDE margin. Trevor talks about the origin of his developing into a good defensive player and how Troy Tulowitzki influenced him (1:24), why he’s an advocate for playing multiple sports growing up and the similarity between defense in baseball and basketball (3:06). He also walks us through some of his favorite defensive plays, including a recent tag of Cody Bellinger (4:26), and offers advice to aspiring shortstops (7:52).

Trevor also talks about how shifting impacts how he plays shortstop (8:52), why he likes his glove (10:02), and the challenge of playing defense in a high-altitude ballpark (12:06). Lastly, he shares what goes into playing next to all-world defender, Nolan Arenado (14:36). Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.