On this episode of Off The Charts, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) and John Todd (@therealjohntodd) review Week 3’s excitement and preview some of the most notable games of Week 4. Topics covered include:

Peyton and Eli Manning discussing man vs zone ()

The struggles of rookie QBs Justin Fields and Zach Wilson ()

The Jimmy Garroppolo/Trey Lance situation ()

Kirk Cousins looks really good (),

The Cowboys are good, but maybe not as good as we thought ()

Better than they’ve shown – Seahawks and Chiefs ()

Go for 2 when up by 7? ()

Browns running back excellence ()

Patriots/Bucs ()

Rams/Cardinals ()

Raiders/Chargers ()

Ravens/Broncos ()

Panthers/Cowboys ()

Colts/Dolphins (),

And the CB against whom QBs are struggling! ()

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