Gemini Sports Analytics and SIS (Sports Info Solutions) announce a partnership to pre-integrate SIS data into the Gemini app. Along with the data integration, the two companies will leverage their complementary offerings and develop solutions for their current and future clients.

Gemini Sports Analytics is the first sports-specific AI and Automated Machine learning tool. Gemini’s mission is to make it faster and easier for sports organizations across the world to use predictive analytics in their decision-making processes around recruitment, player development, personnel, health and performance and other management choices.

Mat Young, Head of Business Development at Gemini, said, “SIS has a rich history and they have been a pioneer in sports data since 2002. We are delighted to launch this partnership and looking forward to helping our customers save time and enhance their workflows with data pipelines, foundational models, and an easy-to-use application tool that democratizes data science”.

SIS is a leading sports data and analytics provider for teams across the NFL, NBA, and MLB. By working with Gemini, SIS can continue to enrich the insights and analytics they provide to sports teams by gaining access to Gemini’s predictive analytics models, helping teams win games and maximize player performance.

Matt Manocherian, Senior Vice President of Football and Data Analytics at SIS, said, “The Gemini Sports Analytics platform is a perfect complement to SIS data because it allows sports data scientists to exponentially increase their efficiency in extracting insights from such rich data.”


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About SIS

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