The Milwaukee Brewers’ shortstop, Jean Segura, has had an intriguing and puzzling season this year. He has been able to tackle difficult fielding plays, but at the same time, he’s been prone to errors on routine balls hit to him.

Segura has made 90 Good Fielding Plays (GFPs) this season, which is by far the most among any shortstop in the MLB. More than half of these GFPs are labeled “ground ball outs,” or outs recorded on difficult ground balls that otherwise would have been hits. The major leaguer with the second most GFPs at shortstop is Alexei Ramirez, with 70.

Even with all of these GFPs, Segura has still made 58 Defensive Misplays and Errors (DMEs), also the most at his position. Almost 25% of his DMEs are identified as “ground ball through infielder,” which means he failed to come up with routine ground balls hit to him. The ball either went through his legs or deflected off his glove. The shortstop with the second most DMEs is the Cubs’ Starlin Castro, with 57.

This proves that Segura is showing flashes of brilliance at shortstop but is also inconsistent at times. His season has been one of ups and downs, and because of that, he leads shortstops in both Good Fielding Plays and Defensive Misplays and Errors.

ALL STATS AS OF 9/11/2013