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On this edition of the Sports Info Solutions Baseball Podcast, two-time Fielding Bible Award winner Matt Olson (@mattolson21) joins Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) from Atlanta to talk shop – defensive excellence at first base. Matt remembers the first time he made a great defensive play (2:40), the state of Georgia’s excellence when it comes to great defense (4:09), who he watched growing up (5:30), his conversion from third base to first base as a kid (6:18), the disadvantages of being a right-handed first baseman (9:23), and how wide he’s willing to play (10:34). Matt also explains what it’s like to play first base in Oakland with its wide foul territory (13:20), the preparation that goes into playing the position and how it pays off (16:07), the mental side of playing first base and the challenge of not taking a slump into the field (17:26), his favorite Matt Chapman play (19:25), and the things he most wants to improve upon (20:58).


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